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Emergency Intervention and Support for Families

In the area of emergency intervention and support of lead poisoned children the Lead Safe America Foundation serves as a resource for families who have found out that they have a lead poisoned child or children.  We help families navigate the available public resources in their area (by city, state or county) and we provide small grants to fill the gap between the resources available from public programs and the needs of the family related to their poisoning, to help ensure their children are safe and removed from a harmful situation as quickly as possible.

Specific areas that we help families with may include:

  1. helping families navigate available public resources in their area (city, state, and county)
  2. helping families navigate and plan the steps they need to protect their families (lead safe work practices, clearance testing, temporary or permanent relocation)
  3. helping family to locate and secure temporary relocation
  4. helping family to locate and secure permanent relocation
  5. when possible, contributing to the costs of temporary or permanent relocation
  6. helping families negotiate amicable terms for transition with their landlords
  7. helping family identify public grants for interim or permanent abatement / remediation work
  8. as funds permit, contributing to the cost of emergency abatement and control measures
  9. helping families find EPA RRP certified contractors in their area
  10. covering additional* costs incurred by the family as a result of their emergency relocation
    • replacement household items
    • additional childcare
    • additional transportation costs (gas / bus, etc.)
    • ensuring family has active phone service during transition times
    • & other basic needs
[*Costs above and beyond their normal budget in these areas for expenses incurred as a result of being displaced.]

To apply for assistance or to refer a family who needs assistance contact the Lead Safe America Foundation.

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