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Family Grants

The Lead Safe America Foundation (LSAF) provides grants to families in need of emergency assistance because one (or more) of their children has been poisoned.

The grant application process is not “open”—it typically begins with a referral from an agency or someone in the lead-poisoning prevention community (or sometimes through a referral from a parent in our lead poisoning prevention parent support group on Facebook).

Grants help to cover the expenses that are incurred when a child is #leadpoisoned, but that are not generally covered by public agencies (even if funding is available to a particular family.)  For a list of costs we help to cover with this grant program, click here.

LSAF has two ways of providing direct emergency support to families:

  1. Designated Funds (set up to help a specific family)
  2. General Fund for Family Support (sponsored by businesses and individuals across the country.)

1. Designated Funds:  If a child has been poisoned and a specific course of action is recommended to help a family, but the family does not qualify for the city grant (or other public funding to remediate the hazards in their home) the Lead Safe America Foundation will design an appeal to share on Facebook and with our mailing list specifically to help that family. This way everyone from total strangers to friends, family, friends-of-friends of the family in need can make tax-deductible donations to the Lead Safe America Foundation designated to help that specific family. Funds raised for this type of assistance are are generally paid directly to landlords or temporary housing rental agencies, contractors, service providers and other “vendors” (based on a plan of action developed with the family), a process which is administered by the Foundation.

2. General Fund for Family Support: This fund works in the same way the above grants work—except that it is funded by donations from corporations or individuals that are not designated for a specific family.  This fund allows us to provide the nuts and bolts of emergency intervention (sending out test kits and coordinating other resources for families) but also to provide emergency support in a “true emergency” – right at the moment a child has been found to be poisoned (for example) if enough funds are available we may be able to immediately remove the family to temporary housing (the most pressing and important need in these situations—removing a child from the source of their poisoning, giving families a chance to breathe and figure out the next step.)  In most parts of the country, the minimum required for a family relocation is $2,500 and we welcome contributions in support of this fund.

Sponsors of the General Fund for Family Support Include:
Magellan Diagnostics/ LeadCareII


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  1. Jillian DeJohn February 15, 2016 at 7:34 am #

    Can you please provide me with information on who I can contact about applying for a grant? My son was diagnosed with lead poisoning and our county has mandated us to perform lead remediation on our house. There are no public programs in our area. There is a Hud sponsored program in the next county over but our county does not participate. We are having trouble getting a contractor to give us an estimate because even the EPA certified firms don’t want to do residential lead remediation. Thank you.

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