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Here’s a partial list of the types of items we cover with our Family Support Grants (emergency assistance to families whose children have been poisoned.)

  • Temporary or permanent relocation
  • Additional childcare
  • Additional transportation
  • Cost for materials and/or labor to remediate lead-hazards in the family’s home
  • Communication (temporary emergency cell-phone)
  • Emergency replacement items (if a family needs a port-a-crib or other emergency supplies in their temporary home)
  • Hazard assessments
  • Clearance testing
  • Professional cleaning or cleaning supplies (for lead-toxicity clean up)
  • Equipment (for example: hepa vacs or other supplies needed to remediate hazards)
  • Assistance with utilities during the transition (as deposits, etc. are often needed for a new setup)

For more about our Family Support Grant Program click here.


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