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Vision:  The people most-involved with the work of the Lead Safe America Foundation are primarily parents of lead-poisoned children. As a result we collectively have a vision for our children that is very much aligned.

This vision includes:

  • low-ratio care and therapies (behavioral therapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, water therapy, etc.)
  • toxicity-free, low-stimulation environments where they can safely explore and learn,
  • a nurturing community where their dietary needs (& restrictions) are carefully managed and respected, and
  • age and disability appropriate activities and structure designed to maximize both healing and learning potential.

In exploring what this “community” might look like, we also realized that we could potentially combine it with our desire to provide emergency intervention to families with lead-poisoned kiddos in the form of immediate temporary relocation of families whose children have just been found to be poisoned (so, in two-parent families, one parent can whisk the children away to a safe environment while the other parent cleans up the hazards at the home and ensures it is safe for children to return.)

In further envisioning this community as an actual “place” for lead-poisoned children (and not just an idea or a collection of concepts), we came up with the following dream-elements for this safe-haven:

  • A location away from any traffic or cars
  • 10 to 15 small houses/dwellings (cabins, yurts, etc.) that can each house a family and their children for a temporary stay
  • A “main house” and office for administration and staff residences
  • No painted structures or buildings
  • Uncontaminated “virgin” soil
  • Safe lawn and forest environments for children to explore
  • Beach-front for (supervised) “open-run” exploration
  • Salt-water swimming & soaking pool for kids with “sensory issues”
  • Community kitchen and dining area
  • Community “play” area for gymnastics, meetings, dancing, yoga, clown-work (balance & self-expression) and other physical therapies and activities for children

And if all of our wishes were being granted:

  • Self-sufficient, renewable off-the-grid power—solar, wind, hydro, etc.
  • Water Catchment System
  • Organic Gardens (as a learning space and food source)
  • A “solid” (reliable) internet connection

In envisioning this place, we also felt it would be good if it were in a warmer climate so it would always be comfortable and safe for children to have both indoor and outdoor play.

Earlier this year I started searching for this ideal location – thinking it was unlikely that we would find something that met all of our wishes, but we might find something close. What I found was an EXACT match for our needs—a former Buddhist retreat for sale on Maui in Kipahulu area – here’s the link!

The asking price for this AMAZING and PERFECT Location is $3.8 Million. We estimate we would need a grant of approximately $5,000,000 to purchase the location and get programs there started. If we are able to start this “dream camp” for  environmentally-poisoned children, it would be a year-round camp, where children and their families were invited to come for 2 to 4 weeks at a time.  Families’ transportation and other related costs would be covered by grants. Care-providers and staff would donate their time (as “therapists-in-residence”, etc.) for two to three month visits during which they would share their expertise and services with families free of charge in exchange (again) for transportation and living costs and a small stipend during their time at our camp.

We have floated this idea with several experts and specialists (expert medical providers, therapists and other specialists that work with special-needs children) and we already have a queue of people excited and interested in participating—top experts in their fields from around the world, willing to donate their time in order to realize this vision!

If you know of a company or organization that makes capital grants for projects that help children in this way – an organization that would be interested in helping us create this safe/healthy haven for families in crisis—due to a child’s being severely poisoned by lead in their home—please let us know—or if you or your company would personally like to make a designated contribution in support of this project, you can do so here, just make sure to put “Designated for LSAF Camp Fund” in the notes of your contribution, and we will set those funds aside towards this project.  We’ll also post the “total raised to date” toward this project on this page once we start getting designated donations.

Thank you for reading!

Lead Safe America
December 20, 2013

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