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Outreach and Education for the Primary Prevention of Childhood Lead Poisoning:

The Lead Safe America Foundation creates programs and engages in activities intended to educate and inform all members of the public that have the potential to impact the issue of childhood lead-poisoning.

Our outreach and education efforts include programs directed specifically at educating parents, homeowners, landlords, teachers, day-care providers, special education professionals, medical & public health students, contractors, pediatricians, policy makers, school children and members of the media.

Outreach and education efforts also include sharing information about federal (including CPSC, EPA & OSHA) and local legislation, regulations and resources (specifically emphasizing initiatives focused on the importance of using lead-safe work practices in remodeling / renovation and painting.)

While we have many programs we are developing and implementing (see our Projects page), our primary vehicle for outreach and education this year is the completion and distribution of a feature-length documentary film about childhood lead-poisoning. The title of this film is MisLEAD: America’s Secret Epidemic.  It is now in post-production and is being prepared for theatrical release in the Winter of 2013/2014 (with Special Engagement Preview Screenings being hosted by cities, states and other entities around the country in October 2013 for Lead Poisoning Prevention month.)

For more information about MisLEAD, click here.


Outreach and Education Programs

  • Simple Solutions Video Series
  • Community Event Booths
  • Community Partnership Program
  • Neighborhood Partnership Program
  • MisLEAD: America’s Secret Epidemic, a documentary feature film
  • MisLEAD: Community Screenings
  • XRF Toy-Testing Parties
  • MisLEAD: Screening Parties
  • Facebook
  • Websites
  • YouTube Channel
  • Twitter
  • LSAF Buttons
  • Raffles
  • Speaking Engagements & Conference Presentations
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