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In 2010 and 2011 I went to a few Lead Poisoning Prevention/ Healthy Homes Conferences around the country.  In each of the conferences there was at least one session where the topic of “branding a cause” was discussed to some degree.  What I learned from those sessions was that it “takes 30 years” to “brand a cause” (30 years for the brand for a cause to become part of general public consciousness.) A great example of cause-branding is the pink ribbon used to symbolize the fight against breast cancer.

While in this inquiry (at these conferences) I posed the question: “It’s been more than 30 years for lead-poisoning. Why has our cause not yet been “branded”?

Since I did not get any kind of answer to that inquiry, I decided to brand the cause myself.  It was out of these conversations that the Lead Safe America Foundation was born and the logo for our Foundation and the movement – the Lead Safe America button (with the waving American flag behind a silver and gray ribbon with the words “Lead Safe”) was created.  The silver half of the ribbon layered in front of the gray half of the ribbon was designed to symbolize the triumph of purity over toxicity in our environment.

There are two versions of the button, one with “Lead Safe America” across the top and five silver and gray stars across the bottom, and another with “Lead Safe America” across the top and the word “Foundation” across the bottom.

As of September 2013 we have printed and distributed nearly 15,000 of these buttons around the country (and the world.)  Depending on the printing run the buttons have a website, phone number, email address and facebook page along the edge – so they serve both as a branded logo (or image) for the cause and as a tool for people to have a way to find out more information if they need it.

  • If you would like a FREE button (and usually we will give you a handful to share with others), please feel free to stop by our office in Portland, Oregon
  • For a contribution of $12.00 or more we will send you a Lead Safe America button of your own (usually accompanied by a few extras to share with your friends and family.)
  • For a contribution of $500 or more we will have 500 custom Lead Safe America buttons made just for you, with your company name, address, website or other contact information along the edge.
  • With a Community Partnership – one of the benefits is that you will get 1,000 custom buttons (in addition to other benefits) in exchange for your donation to the Foundation.  Depending on the value of their contribution, Neighborhood Partners will also receive a bunch of free buttons!
  • When families request a free lead-test kit sent to their home we also send them free buttons so they have a way to share information about the issue and our organization.

Thank you for your interest in Lead Safe America buttons – I can’t wait to share them with you!



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