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Thank you for your interest in hosting a Lead Safe America Foundation collaborative day of community events including one or more free-to-the-public “Special Engagement Preview Screenings” of our upcoming documentary feature film MisLEAD: America’s Secret Epidemic.  These events are usually coordinated by hosting agencies, enterprises or other organizations, including local health departments. For a list of notable outreach events and hosts click HERE.

If this fact sheet does not answer your questions, feel free to contact us directly.

1) How much time should we allow for the screening?
The film is 94 minutes long. The Q&A session with the audience following the screening typically takes 30 to 60 minutes. As a result, we recommend scheduling a 2.5 hour event with room on either end for arrivals, departures and socializing.

2) Can I see the film before the screening in my community?
Our agreements with prospective distribution partners and festivals restrict our ability to share the film publicly in advance of any “Special Engagement Preview Screenings.” Specifically, we are unable to post a copy publicly on-line or distribute any DVDs. You can watch the 2.5-minute-long trailer on our website ( to get a sense of the film in advance. If you are able, you can come to our office in Portland, Oregon to watch the film and there is also the possibility of a remote, real-time video conference.

3) There is a sponsorship/fee for the screening-why is that?
This film has been made possible through the sweat and tears of the film’s director, editor and production team and through direct donations and participation of more than 900 people: individuals, families, advocates, musicians, as well as businesses and non-profits and state agencies that want to see this film succeed. Approximately 55% percent of the screening sponsorship covers the final editing production costs of the film and related materials. About 25% covers the direct costs related to the screening engagement (coordination, travel, accommodations, etc.). The remaining 20% covers ongoing outreach and education projects of the Lead-Safe America Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, which provides assistance to families with lead poisoned children.

4) How much is the fee and what does it include?
Depending on a few scheduling parameters, there is a screening sponsorship range (see section 9 below for more details.)  For some locations close to Portland, Oregon we offer a reduced screening sponsorship.

Outreach event days are currently being offered as the benefit of a $7,500 sponsorship donation to the Foundation. (This fee may be tax-deductible as Lead-Safe America Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.) Additional events and event elements may also be coordinated in conjunction with a full-day of screenings, including toy-testing events, blood testing events and other outreach and education opportunities for your community In this full day you may hold up to two screenings of the film on the selected date for this sponsorship. Additionally (time and resources permitting) other collaborative activities (combining the resources of the hosting agency and Lead Safe America) can be scheduled on the event day. These can include free consumer goods XRF testing, free blood lead testing, panel discussions/interviews, public or private middle or high school presentations (collaborating with local science or social justice departments) and more.

Each screening of the film is followed by a Question-and-Answer session with a panel of up to 3 local experts (or parent advocates).

5) What are additional cost we might incur when we host a screening?
Incidental fees can vary, depending on your screening venue and marketing methods as well as other elements of the event that you choose to have. Typical expenses may include (approximate cost ranges below):

  • Rent for a screening venue ($0 – $1,500)
  • Rent for appropriate projection and sound equipment ($0 – $500)
  • Refreshments for the event (highly recommended) ($0 – $500 per screening)
  • Materials to distribute at event ($0 – $500)
  • Marketing costs ($0 – $1000)
[Note: we start each item’s cost range estimate with “$0” – as, with some advance planning, you will find that it is possible (and actually not difficult) to get most—and often all—of the above items donated. Holding the event in a space already set up for film projection (a movie theater or corporate screening room for example) will simplify your arrangements.]

6) What suggestion do you have for covering the event costs?
To date, those who have hosted these events have been very creative in coming up with diverse approaches to covering their screening costs:

  • You can have corporate sponsors cover some or all of the costs in exchange for the tax-deduction and/or public recognition in marketing and promoting the screening event (allowing you to offer the screening at no charge to attendees.) Three sponsors contributing just $2,500 each would cover the sponsorship donation for a full day of events.
  • As long as no fee is charged to attend the screenings of the film, you can structure the events as a fundraiser, which could include a raffle, silent auction, private dinner or other fund-raising elements. Sponsors could make donations directly to the Lead-Safe America Foundation in which case their support may be tax-deductible.
  • You can reach out to charitable foundations which may have a budget for community outreach events for the benefit of children’s health or social justice issues.

7) How do I reserve a date for my screening?
Reserving a screening date requires a (refundable) reservation fee/deposit of $500, payable to Lead Safe America Foundation, due 30 days or more before the chosen date (some exceptions possible.) The remainder of the fee is due with a signed screening agreement 21 days or more prior to the screening date (exceptions possible for events planned with short notice.) For more information on deadlines and refund policies please ask to see our “additional information” sheet. (deadlines subject to change)

8) Are there any technical considerations/restrictions?
We have a few options for playing the film at your location and generally bring up “back up” solutions in case something goes wrong last minute.

  • Source: Our preferred source for the projection is to play the film from a Macintosh laptop-hosted “.mov” file. We bring a thunderbolt adapter to interface with your DVI cable.
  • Projector Specifications: Projector must be Widescreen (16:9), High Definition (1920 x 1080), and a minimum of 4000 lumens, 300” image class and have a DVI connection port
  • Screen Specifications: Must be appropriate for the room and audience size. The film is a 16 x9 ratio (widescreen) format.
  • Sound Specifications: Must be Dolby 5.1 capable and in good working order
  • Room Specifications: Must be reasonably comfortable and appropriate for unobstructed viewing without excessive noise, light, extreme temperatures or other distractions

9) Are there other pricing options?  How does this compare to similar opportunities?
Right now we are primarily scheduling events that center around  “Special Engagement Preview Screenings” of the nearly completed film as a fundraiser for finishing costs for the Film.

Here an overview of the current sponsorship levels / opportunities

  1. $7,500  Primary Screening; Special Engagement Preview Screening of the nearly completed (post-production) film (one date, up to two screenings of the completed film on the chosen day, followed by panel discussions) – Limited Opportunity. No attendee limit. Must be free of charge (no ticket sales) to attendees. Additional complementary collaborative events (like free, open-to-the-public consumer goods XRF testing) may be scheduled on the same day.
  2. $4,000 Piggy Back Screening Day: Same as (a) above, but a reduced rate if you can schedule your date on the day before or after the date of another location less than 2-hours’ drive from an already scheduled screening. Includes up to two screenings.
  3. $3,500 Additional Consecutive Day to “Primary Screening” (single screening, same host, same airport area.)
  4. $8 to $13.50 per person – see MisLEAD “at a theater near you” once it is in public release (or $15 to $25 per person to see a screening with a panel discussion with the Director following.)
  5. Pre-purchase a DVD (link to be posted shortly.)

Updated: 05/18/2015

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