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August 2013: Our film, MisLEAD: America’s Secret Epidemic is currently in post-production. What this means is that while we do have a full-length, “viewable” film—that numerous members of our many test audiences have even told us they regard as “finished”(!)—, we are most certainly not yet quite finished. Things left to do to complete the film include:

  1. “Pick Up” filming (additional scenes we would like to film pending available funding, plus “B-roll” filming of images to enable tighter, final editing of some of the expert and family statements.)
  2. Additional editing (including more polished transitions, completing & placing animations, etc.)
  3. Securing music rights
  4. Securing some stock video and image rights
  5. Sound finishing
  6. Picture finishing

While we are still in this “final-phase” of finishing the film, we continue to solicit feedback from test-screening audiences. These “focus group” screenings serve two purposes: 1.) valuable feedback to help us to improve and adjust the film, 2.) to build a “base audience” / generate awareness and a Facebook following prior to the commercial release of the film.

As Portland is our home-base, we are available to have focus group test screenings in the Portland, Oregon metro area with very little notice and with little to no expense. For out-of-town screenings we have a suggested donation to cover travel and incidental expenses related to the screening. [Our remaining available dates for focus-group screenings will be bookable until October 1, 2013, at which time the film should be finished, and any screening of the film subject to the normal terms of  commercial distribution partner(s).]

For all “focus-group”/test screenings we would like the following:
1. An audience of at least 5 and no more than 20 guests (invite your friends and let us know how much space there is for others we would like to invite.)
2. “Potluck” refreshments/or refreshments provided by host (wine/ chocolate / snacks)
3. A 3-hour window, allowing for set-up, introduction, film viewing (runtime = 1 hour 40 min), and post-
viewing discussion
4. Appropriate equipment setup (options include: large screen, HD TV / monitor or HD projector & screen—
and decent sound system)
5. Appropriate space; specifically a space that can be appropriately darkened for a screening, and that does not subject to “noise pollution” or other distracting environmental elements, will not have sound or visual interruptions for the viewing (your living room? a board room? a conference room? a class room?)  The Lead Safe America Foundation “Headquarters”/Office in Portland’s Westmoreland neighborhood is also available for screenings [we have a maximum capacity of 10 guests at the office].

• Attendees will receive “door prizes”  to thank them for their time.

• It is also possible to coordinate a “Testing Party” in conjunction with a screening.

>>If you are interested in setting up a screening party, please let me know personally.<<

We may be able to continue to have screening parties after the release of the film (depending on the terms and conditions of any distribution agreement we arrange) and will update the information here at that time.

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