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What distinguishes the Lead Safe America Foundation’s outreach and education efforts from those of other agencies working towards lead-poisoning prevention is our web-presence.  Early on we realized the potential impact of establishing as broad a web-presence as possible – a tool which makes it possible for us to reach the broadest possible audience for the message and the greatest number of individuals.  Below is a quick summary of where you  (and families in need) can find the Lead Safe America Foundation online.


  • Lead Safe America Facebook Group
  • MisleadMovie Facebook Page
  • Lead Safe America Facebook Page
  • Parents of Lead-Poisoned Children Support Group


  • @LeadSafeAmerica
  • @MisLEADMovie




  • The LeadSafeAmerica YouTube Channel


  • Online Raffles on our Websites
  • Online Raffles on Facebook
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