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Parent-Advocate support takes on many forms. Promoting the general health and well-being of children and fostering an increased awareness of environmental toxicity in general is fundamental to increasing the specific concern about and prevention of childhood lead-poisoning. As a result, the education & outreach component of the Lead Safe America Foundation will provide and coordinate resources for Parent-Advocates looking to participate in educating the public in any area aimed at improving the health and well-being of our children and their environment (including but not limited to the area of lead-poisoning prevention and awareness.)

Specifically our Parent-Advocate Program will help cover what might be otherwise cost-prohibitive activities that could prevent a parent from engaging in advocacy activities. These items may include:

1. Childcare for children during advocacy activities (public meetings, festivals, events & conferences)
2. Photocopies and other costs for materials to distribute
3. Phone service costs (so Parent-Advocates can support other parents via phone calls)
4. Website costs (domain registration, site set-up, hosting, technical support and web-development training)
5. Costs to attend or have a booth at conferences, festivals or community events: table costs, materials costs, travel costs (hotel, ground & air transportation)

We currently (2013) make funds available as we have them for specific Parent-Advocate needs as requests come in. It is our intention to expand and fully fund this program by 2015. One of the first active elements of the program that we are able to expand is item #4 above. In August of 2013 we began our Parent-Advocate website hosting program.  Click here for more information on that program and to apply.

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