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Page Originally Published October 2, 2013
Last Updated April 26, 2016

As an outreach and education program of the Lead Safe America Foundation, we offer FREE websites to Parent-Advocates.

Free Websites Include:
1. Domain Name Registration Fee (for the domain name of the parent’s choice)
2. Free site hosting & technical support
3. Free initial design and site setup (5 pages included: Home Page, About, Contact, My Story, Blog)
4. Free training and support resources (so parents can expand and develop their sites on their own.)

Free Website Conditions:
1. Site must include at least one page dedicated to the family’s personal story (in terms of their experience with their child/children’s health and lead / environmental toxicity.)
2. After the site has been set up, parents agree to post at lease one blog-post every two months in order to maintain their free site.
3. Parents agree to have the site linked to LSAF’s sites and include the “Lead Safe America” logo
4. If a possible sponsor wants to help cover the cost of the program and/or their site by specifically sponsoring their site, parent agrees to make an banner block (where the sponsor is recognized and the banner is linked to the sponsor’s site) available for the sponsor. (See the sidebar on this site as an example.)

To apply for a free Parent-Advocate website email us for an application:

*Sites are available contingent on continued funding availability. Parent-Advocate sites cost the Lead Safe America Foundation approximately $200 to set up. Tax-deductible donations in support of this program are always welcome and appreciated.

2 Responses to Parent Advocate Sites

  1. John Garcia April 23, 2016 at 6:21 pm #

    I have donated to your site and now need your help, we are in Florida. Is there anyone in Florida that can help us? We live near an old landfill that has tested for 20 times over ctl’s for Lead, mercury, benzene and other toxins. Now developers are putting homes in the area… Local DEP and County Commission refuse to test for these toxins, and only did surface testing to get approvals. I have testing from early 2003 up untill 2007 showing illegal levels of lead, and other toxins under the surface. These leachate plumes have not been located horizontally or vertically or tracked, but are present today, and homes will be built over the next few months. I need someone who can state that this is a dangerous situation, to a judge, so we can keep inocent families from being exposed to these toxins – i do not want children to be effected by this lead a year from now, and never know what hit them. If you know anyone around Sarasota Florida that can help, please let me know. Thanks

    • Tamara April 25, 2016 at 10:17 am #

      John, Thank you for your contribution! Are you on Facebook? Our first step in helping families is having them join our secret parent support group on Facebook if they can. If you are, please click through to Facebook via the icons on this page and send us a message and we will respond and give you instructions on how to be added to the group. Thank you for being in touch and I am sorry for what you are going through!

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