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Raffle Tickets: 2015

mayaLead Safe America’s 2015 Raffle is made possible in part by Keep your family safe by testing your home for lead, mold and asbestos with a kit from!

Raffle tickets will be on sale as soon as we receive our raffle permit (for a raffle that can sell more than $10,000 in raffle tickets) from the State of Oregon

There will be a 30-60 day wait (click here to learn why) before tickets become available.

We will make an announcement on our blog and in our newsletter (and on Facebook and on Twitter) when tickets become available.

If you want to be informed the minute the rest of the tickets are available please do one or all of the following:

Like us on Facebook

Follow us on Twitter


… and/or sign up to follow our blog/ subscribe to our newsletter using the links on this site!

While you are at it please follow Jon Fishman on Twitter (he’s Twitter’s biggest kept secret! no one knows it is really him!)

…and please take 2.5 minutes to watch the trailer to our documentary feature film that Jon Fishman and his wife Briar are helping to produce… Link HERE

If so check out our “RAFFLE FAQ” page and comment there if your question is not answered.
For a description of our GRAND PRIZE, click HERE
Additional prizes and descriptions to be posted soon! (Yes there will be MORE!)
The odds of winning a prize in this raffle are pretty good!
(1 in 6,500 or better… odds will change as more prizes are donated)
Additional prizes (and their values) will be announced as they are donated.
We will be selling no more than 6,500 tickets.
Raffle tickets are $25 each or $100 for five.
Drawing date: November 07, 2015 – or 8 days after we receive our permit
(depending on which is later)

NOTE: Within THREE business days of purchasing a ticket/ tickets, we will email you with your ticket numbers.

Thank you!



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