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Consumer Goods “Rating System”?


March 21, 2016


Q. What dishes should I use in my home [and a million similar questions!]

Sometimes when you are drifting off to sleep, you come up with an idea that you can’t believe you didn’t think of sooner; this is one of those moments…

Since not everyone fully understands the implications of the XRF readings we report (here and on Facebook), folks are always asking me if I would use something in my home, if I would be comfortable using it in their home if I was visiting, if I would be concerned about a certain item poisoning my family… and similar questions…

As I was drifting off to sleep last night, I thought of an idea for rating the items I test – so our followers would have a better idea of whether or not I personally am concerned about an item/ how concerned I am about an item.

Please let me know your thoughts/ reaction to this rating scale and I will be happy to make adjustments based on your input.

  • “A” – I would use this item in my home / I have this item in my home; I consider this item safe for my family
  • “B”-“C” (a range) – I would probably be disinclined to choose this item for my own home—but if you had it in your home, I would be pretty comfortable using it if I were visiting.
  • “D” – I would never have this item in my home, and would not be comfortable using it in your home if I were visiting—and I might even voice my concern about it to you (even if it might risk our friendship!)  [I can’t say whether this item will poison your family, but given the possibility  I do not think the risk is worth it.]
  • “F”This item is actually quite likely to poison your family or your child—and you should dispose of it immediately — or [if it is a new or recently manufactured] item, you should return it to the manufacturer, distributor or retailer to either get a refund or a replacement item that safe / non-toxic.

What do you think?

Am I missing anything here?

Thanks for reading!

“Disclaimer”: As with everything I test/post, of course this should just be considered as a guideline — to help you make reasonable choices for your home… and can only apply to the specific items I actually tested, based on the specific XRF readings for those exact items… not any kind of guarantee that earlier, later (past/current/future) production did not/will not vary; and not to be extrapolated to similar-looking items, other manufacturers or batches, other items from the same company, etc. As we have seen… consumer goods can vary in their actual content, as well as potential bioavailable toxicity from batch to batch… across the board!

Tamara Rubin
Mother of Lead Poisoned Children
Executive Director, Lead Safe America Foundation

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