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Friends: A note from Rebecca Morley

Rebecca Morley just posted this on Leadnet and I wanted to share.
Thank you Rebecca for your kind and supportive words!

I’ve been meaning to post a note regarding the film MisLead. I saw it for
the first time a couple of weeks ago with several of my colleagues and thought
it was very well done. Tamara has really put her heart and soul into this
film and for anyone who has not seen it, I would recommend that you do. I
understand she’s still editing and working on it, but even in its current
form is quite strong. I think she did an excellent job engaging viewers
“hearts” and “heads” – presenting the facts alongside of the really difficult
stories told by the parents in the film. It was a really good reminder of
why we are all engaged in this work.

Rebecca Morley, Executive Director
National Center for Healthy Housing
10320 Little Patuxent Parkway, Suite 500
Columbia, MD 21044


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