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Lead Safe America is based in Portland, Oregon.  Currently we have two “resource” pages: Portland and National.  We would like to expand this website and offer a free live, searchable database where you can look up resources for your area – by zipcode, neighborhood (address-proximity), city or state.  If you have the capabilities of designing such a searchable database system for us, please let us know.  We already have a database of resources around the country and would love to have that go live, a.s.a.p.

Resources we would like to include in our database are:

  1. A national lead-safe housing directory
  2. RRP certified contractors directory
  3. Lead-risk assessor directory
  4. Community (public – state- city) program directory for programs that offer lead-testing, information, and services on a local level
  5. National programs and grants to help families managing lead issues
  6. Articles, information and research about lead & lead-poisoning
  7. Attorneys who specialize in helping families dealing with landlord and contractor violations
  8. Agencies where people can report local violations

Thank you!

National Resources

Portland, Oregon Resources

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