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Resources we recommend to people with questions:

  1. Clear Corps:  free remediation services to help you keep your home safe for your kids
  2. the latest information, articles & research
  3. National Center for Healthy Housing
  4. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Lead Program
  5. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Lead Progam
  6. Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC)
    & the CPSCIA (CPSC Improvement Act of 2008)
  7. Lead Safe World Project (Australia-based, project of The Lead Group)
  8. The Lead Group (Australia-based nonprofit)

Lead Safe America related links & pages
(our most active page is our MisLEADMovie Facebook page)

  3. (Foundation page – New  – 309 followers [1/2014])
  4.  (2930 followers [1/2014] film updates and photos of lead-contaminated items)
  5. Lead Safe America’s YouTube Channel (Simple Solutions Videos & Shorts)

Lead Safe America online groups

  1. LSAF Private Facebook Parent Support Group (119 members [1/2014] – referrals only)
  2. LSAF Open Facebook Group (840 members [1/2014] anyone can join or post)
  3. LSAF Advisory Committee (32 members [1/2014] now accepting nominations)
  4. LSAF Board of Directors (9 members, 8 positions filled and 1 vacancy [1/2014]


  1. @LeadSafeAmerica
  2. @MisLEADMovie
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