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Portland, OR Resources


To provide a quick & easy “one-stop” reference, we have created this page for some resources that exist in Portland, Oregon:

1. The Community Energy Project

2. The City of Portland Lead Hazard Control Program

The City program has grants to help families and landlords remediate hazards in their homes.

3. OSHA, ask for Chris Zimmer (he’s a super-hero in my book!)

Call OSHA to report a violation only when a contractor is involved.

4. The Oregon CCB [Construction Contractor’s Board]

[You may have read about the EPA RRP Rule. In Oregon, the CCB is responsible for
enforcement for RRP Rule violations.]

5. The State of Oregon Lead Poisoning Prevention Program:

6. The Multnomah County Lead Program

7. NetCompliance out of Vancouver, WA

NetCompliance does hazard assessments and clearance testing.

We have gotten to know many hazard assessors and have been happiest with the work of NetCompliance. They are thorough, give you facts and solutions without “opinions.” We think it’s important for parents to do their own research and interpret the data themselves and form their own opinions (to decide what they are comfortable with in terms of any hazards that may be found in their homes.)


We have not officially partnered with any of these programs/organizations/ businesses specifically, although as we said, we have been impressed with NetCompliance, OSHA, and also the City of Portland’s program. In our experience, the people who work with these organizations really go out of their way to help families with questions and concerns. Each of these resources has a different function and purpose and we are happy to discuss these with parents before they delve into trying to find solutions for their own families.

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