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Family In Rochester, NY – Update

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You can see Uconda in the trailer to our film – Here.

Uconda and her family were evicted from their rental home last week.

In spite of the chaos and uncertainty – and with our help, she was able to find a new lead-safe home for her family.  The home was tentatively approved for her housing voucher and is being inspected (and hopefully approved) on Tuesday, July 22nd – however Uconda and her children need to be moved out of their current home by this evening – Sunday, July 20th.

To date we have raised $420 in donations to help her (from six generous donors) and that money was used to help cover the security deposit to secure her new rental home.

This family of nine will be moving into a four-bedroom home pending approval by the Rochester Housing Authority (RHA) on Tuesday.

In the meantime Uconda and her family have nowhere to go on Sunday night and Monday night. They have been turned away from every shelter that we have been referred to and told that their family is too large for the available shelters.

There is also a (slim) possibility that her new home will not be approved and ready-to-go (for her to move in ) on Tuesday, July 22nd – depending on the outcome of the inspection being done by RHA.

As a result, we would still like to raise additional funds to help Uconda and her family with this transition to a new lead-safe home. Specifically we would like to help cover the urgent need for housing  for Uconda and her children on Sunday and Monday nights (tonight and tomorrow.) As no other options seem to be available we would need enough to cover two nights for two suites in a residence-inn style hotel, approximately $500. Alternately, if we raise enough for one-month’s rent ($1,050) she will be able to move in to her new home on Sunday (today) without waiting for final approval from RHA (Wow! that would be amazing! Can we, as a community, collectively make that happen?)

Please realize, this family would not be in the situation they are in had all eight of the children not been poisoned in federally subsidized rental housing that was allowed to pass inspection in spite of existing ongoing lead hazards.  Uconda’s children were NOT lead poisoned prior to entering the public housing assistance programs. It was only once she was relying on these programs to help her that all eight of her children were poisoned (and re-poisoned) repeatedly in three different rental homes. Her children were poisoned in these homes prior to the lead-safe rental home she has been living in for the last three years, and a reduction in her housing allocation has made it nearly impossible for her to find a new lead-safe home for her family this summer.

Please donate to help Uconda and her family if you can. Thank you.


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