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Behind The 8 Ball

Behind The 8 Ball

The catastrophic failure of the long-tattered “safety net”….

This 5-minute video [from some of the approximately 300 hours of unused footage shot for our upcoming documentary feature film MisLEAD: America’s Secret Epidemic] clearly depicts the [widespread] problem with the lead hazard inspections used in Section 8 housing.  This story is not unique to Nikki and not unique to New York; Nikki’s story is just one of dozens of similar stories we have heard from “Section 8” moms that we have personally talked to over the past 6 years since we were founded as a nonprofit.

Thank you for watching. Please donate in support of our work helping families if you can. If you are with the press and would like to contact Nikki or Lead Safe America for an interview on this topic, please call: 415-609-3182 or email:


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