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New friends in Vermont: Seventh Generation!

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 10.52.06 PMThis story – once again – starts with Phish

It’s really quite amazing to think about the impact that connecting with Jon Fishman (drummer of the band Phish) and his family has had on the Lead Safe America Foundation. This little story illustrates a few of the many wonderful things that have happened:

waterwheel-foundation-logoIn August, after we got back from having our (WaterWheel Foundation-sponsored) Lead Safe America Foundation booth at the Phish Magnaball concert, we connected on Facebook with many of the “Phish phans” we had met at the concert [we spoke to about 200 people each day at this event in upstate New York!] One of these people was Tim Walters; Tim is a Phish phan, and a father of a young boy—and he when we met, he told me that also happens to be a lead hazard remediation trainer and specialist!…

LR-bath-pinTim suggested we join the online group “Little Ragers” – which is a group for Phish phans who are also parents of young children. [The goal of the group is to help create a community online that will in turn create an IRL community that works together to make sure there are child-friendly spaces and safe gathering spots for families at Phish concerts.]…

Once I was added to this Facebook group, I posted asking for ideas of what we could do to help engage Phish phans in the cause of childhood lead poisoning prevention now that Jon Fishman and his family are involved and supportive of the cause. [It was the parents in this group that actually came up with the idea of raffling off a trip to the Mexico Phish concert extravaganza!]…

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 10.57.46 PMLater, when I shared with the group that we would be going to Burlington, Vermont in October to show the film (and that Jon would be introducing the film and speaking on the post screening discussion panel) one of the mamas in the group, Deb Nison, suggested that we might also reach a lot of parents with the message (parents who live in older homes, too!) if, while we were in Burlington, we did a “lunch-and-learn” at Seventh Generation’s Burlington, Vermont HQ (where she works!)…

We responded with an enthusiastic “Yes!” to this invitation and we ended up having terrific event at Seventh Generation HQ on October 22nd (and will share more about that on another post!) [The week before our presentation, Al Gore was speaking there – so Jon and Len and I were in great company!]…

One of the other things thaimage001t came out of this community and friendship with Little Ragers and the folks at Seventh Generation is that Seventh Generation offered to donate prizes for our raffle!

Their contribution to the raffle is three Seventh Generation “Healthy Home Starter Kits” (Retail value $46.99)  – one for each of the three 3rd Prize Green & Healthy Home prize packages!

We’re really enjoying being part of this new community!

Thank you to Jon & Briar Fishman, Tim Walters, Deb Nison and all of our friends at Little Ragers and at Seventh Generation!!

Tamara & Leonard Rubin
Lead Safe America Foundation

Each of the 7th Generation emails we received was signed with this banner and link, so we thought we would also share it with our


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