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Another Round of Thanks!

As I sit here at 1:30 in ththe morning, in a bed that is not my own, in a house that is not my own – in a city and state thousands of miles from my home and my family – I was thinking the following:

We are truly part of a great community fighting this fight – childhood lead poisoning prevention.  While sometimes Facebook and e-mail and Twitter seem virtual, there are other times where they are clearly tools to bring people together IRL (“In Real Life”.)

I have experienced the generosity of this “virtual” community in such a personal way while working on our outreach film – traveling the country over the past three years; dozens of people – most complete strangers with the exception of connecting with them on Twitter and Facebook – have opened their doors and invited me in to stay in their homes.

Since I have been a bit lax in generating non-virtual thank you notes I wanted to take a moment to publicly thank all of the people who have opened their homes to me and fed me (and my camera crew!) a meal or let me spend the night (either by myself or with my family!) in the name of “the cause.” Thanks also to those who loaned me a car or helped with childcare so I could film or do an event! And thanks especially for the moms “on the ground” in each community who have helped make all of the outreach events successful so far! [This list is a work in progress!  Please let me know if I have forgotten anyone!]

Thank you:

  • Howie Davidson – Hudson, Ma
  • Nancy Pollock – Oakland, California
  • Pooh Johnston – Virginia
  • Celeste Finn – Cambridge, Mass
  • Justin Pollock & Carin Zelenko – Washington, D.C.
  • Adam Pollock – Iowa
  • Vanessa Cuccurullo – Brooklyn, NY
  • Karen Lishinski -Michigan
  • Jeremy Westcott – Michigan
  • Catherine Brooks – Virginia
  • Mindy Allen – Daniel Island, South Carolina
  • Dany Kunz – Franklin, Tennessee
  • Anne-Liese Juge Fox – New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Erin Pryor Pavlica – Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Gail Fendley – New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Tom & Di Anne Kerrigan – Florida
  • Meredith Blake – California
  • Kristi Tennie – Wisconsin
  • Sarah Kowal – Wisconsin
  • Jay Bishop – Washington State
  • Helene Marshall – Napa, California
  • Amy Ziff – Los Altos Hills, California
  • Matt Freshman – Los Altos Hills, California
  • Kate Blodgett – Louisville, Kentucky
  • Carmen Marrenco & Betty – Trenton, New Jersey
  • The Scarson Family – Syracuse, New York
  • Rachel Winokur – Los Angeles, California
  • Suzanne Fitzgerald  – Bar Harbor, Maine
  • Beth Butler – New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Paula Cope-Mine – Hingham, Mass
  • Matthew Kaplan – Brooklyn, New York
  • Leslie Kung – Cedar Rapids, Iowa

I am sure I have forgotten some of you – will work on remembering (& adding!) more names and places over the next week!


Tamara Rubin
Mother of Lead Poisoned Children
Executive Director, Lead Safe America

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