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Pew Trust Stateline Journal; Decades After Ban Lead Paint Lingers

“In the wake of the Flint water crisis, states are rushing to test for high levels of lead in drinking water. But many are failing to come to grips with a more insidious problem: lingering lead paint in homes and schools.”

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Below is the link (click the image) to yet another recent article supported by an interview with [and strategic advice from] Lead Safe America Foundation. When we spoke with the journalist (who in our interview had questions about every aspect of the lead issue, as she hadn’t previously written about the full scope of lead epidemic in this country today), she likened learning about the issue to “going down the rabbit hole” because there were so many potential angles to focus on from a journalistic perspective (and so much to learn.)

As always, we recommended (and requested) that the journalist emphasize the problem in schools if at all possible – as we continue to impress upon everyone we speak with that when the American public truly gets the impact of lead on the population of children and young adults in our public and private schools (including daycares, and universities) they will understand that this their problem—everyone’s problem… not some remote problem affecting some perceived “others“—a mythical subset of the population “at risk” for childhood lead poisoning.

Everyone attends school at some point in their life.

With this revelation and new focus it will be difficult for our legislators and policy makers to ignore the need to address lead poisoning on a national scale with appropriate resource allocation to fully eradicate the problem. And with parents across the country awakening to the problem of lead in their children’s schools they will begin to also be open to considering the possibility that their may be lead hazards in the paint and water in their homes.

July 27, 2016
Decades After Ban, Lead Paint Lingers
By Teresa Wiltz
Stateline; a publication of The Pew Charitable Trusts


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