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Future Studies

When I interviewed Dr. Felicia Rabito (Associate Professor, Dept. of Epidemiology, Tulane, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine) for MisLEAD in 2012, we discussed the range of studies that still need to be done to better understand the scope and impact of childhood lead poisoning.

At the time, she said that if Lead Safe America could pull together a study group of children or families with a known history of documented lead-exposure (experiencing the same particular symptom or illness, for example) she may be in a position to undertake a study (or multiple studies) involving these children through her work at Tulane.

This is an amazing opportunity, and I created this blog-post/page as a place where we can keep a list of ideas for studies that might provide interesting and useful results.

If you would like to propose a study / add a study to our list-in-progress, please post a comment or send me an email. Here are some preliminary ideas for studies:

  1. Study exploring a possible causal link between early childhood lead exposure and asthma (studies to date have shown correlative links – not causal.)
  2. Study exploring a possible causal link between high-level early childhood lead exposure and (prepubescent) severe plaque psoriasis.
  3. Additional studies exploring the Asperger’s / Autism symptom clusters as often misdiagnosed symptoms of early childhood lead exposure.
  4. Study examining BLLs (Blood Lead Levels) of children of hunters who hunt game as a primary food source (using lead bullets.)
  5. Study further exploring the links between early childhood lead exposure and a compromised immune system (high fever spikes [with or without seizures], increased incidence of illness, etc.)
  6. Study further exploring the links between early childhood lead exposure and  allergies (food sensitivities, etc.)
  7. Study of occupational lead exposure and patterns of delayed health impairments in the same population (heart disease, cancer, etc.)
  8. Study re: cancer (as an “opportunistic” disease when immune systems are compromised) and the potential relationship to early childhood lead exposure.
  9. Study of links of early childhood lead exposure to increased chance of early onset Crohn’s disease.
  10. Your study idea here!

2 Responses to Future Studies

  1. Andrea February 4, 2014 at 7:44 pm #

    How about also adding selective mutism to number 3? My daughter has progressive selective mutism and has been completely mute now for 7 weeks.

    • Tamara February 25, 2014 at 6:01 pm #

      Hi Andrea,
      I just saw this! Happy to update the list. I had no idea. Please let me know if you want to chat (of course, I am not a doctor – but maybe there’s some ideas we can come up with together?) Also definitely post this in the parent group on Facebook. We now have 131 people in that group – about 125 parents and several experts – medical, legal, lead-remediation, etc. – so you might get some helpful responses there. Dr. Lanphear is in that group as well – perhaps you can tag him in your post, or we can email him together.

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