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1724405_520473248071084_1361241060_nThis is a list of things the Lead Safe America Foundation could use as in-kind donations.

Please let us know if you have any of these things to donate!  As we are a 501(c)3, donations are tax-deductible.  Thank you.

  • A comfortable couch so sick children (mine or the children of others) visiting the office have a place to snuggle and rest
  • A few high-quality working staplers
  • A nice paper cutter
  • Some tall bookshelves
  • Free local office space (we’d be willing to move for the promise of a two-year minimum agreement for donated free local office space!)
  • Printing services (for informational brochures and cards for parents with questions)
  • A lockable glass display case for our growing collection of toxic toys and other household objects with lead
  • Unlimited stays at a hotel chain? (Holiday Inn Express, Hilton Residence Inn or similar) for use 1) traveling with the film and 2) emergency intervention alternate housing for families with lead-poisoned children.
  • Unlimited free flights (for a year or two) donated by an airline so that we save the travel costs associated with film screenings and speaking engagements mostly covered.
  • A new(er) mac mini computer and keyboard and mouse for our volunteer work station in the office (we have a very old mini that is dying!)
  • a vehicle (or two): 1. for local trips to advocacy events (smaller electric car or smart-car type vehicle would be fine) and 2. for festivals and events with booths (also for traveling the country with the film this summer) a van (ideally a newer bio-diesel conversion Sprinter type van – where we could use one side of the van for sponsor acknowledgements and the other side of the van as a projection space for the film if necessary.)
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