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Lead Safe America in Flint

#StandWithFlintWe were asked to put together a summary page for a group in NYC who generously offered to help raise money specifically in support of the work we are doing on the ground right now in Flint. Please let us know if you have any questions after reading. Click HERE for a printable/shareable PDF of this as well.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 in March of 2016 to help Flint families.  $20,000 will allow us to bring as much as $70,000 in free (donated) resources (blood lead testing, water testing, guidance and information) to Flint residents. Thank you for helping!

Lead Safe America Foundation ( is a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Portland, Oregon. We maintain the most comprehensive website dedicated to unbiased, uncensored science-based answers and advice for parents seeking information about how to protect their families from lead exposure. We also provide information and other resources for parents seeking answers and/or needing assistance or support for children who have been already poisoned.

Because Lead Safe America has found grassroots efforts and direct personal conversations to be the most effective tool in spreading awareness, we host an online support group (which currently includes more than 400 parents of lead poisoned children) and we work to encourage and leverage efforts of other parent advocates across the country – amplifying their voice and giving them tools and resources to help their own communities directly and personally.

We are the only national nonprofit for childhood lead poisoning prevention and awareness that works directly with parents from all over the country and has a support group where – because we are independent (unconstrained and uncensored by any ties to or affiliations with either government agencies or other entities with their own agendas and biases) these parents can share ideas and ask each other for help and resources in a safe & neutral space.

When Lead Safe America was founded back in 2011, we had initially hoped to “help hundreds of families each year”; instead, entirely supported through the cash donations from thousands of private individuals, and the generous in-kind support of dozens of companies, right from the start we have been able to help thousands of families each year—and have experienced explosive growth: in 2014  – our 4th year of operations – we helped more than 16,000 families with free lead-paint test kits, information and support; in 2015 we directly helped more than 25,000 families. All of this has been done on a shoe-string budget—primarily through the focused and sustained efforts of a grass-roots network of passionate and hard-working volunteers (mostly mothers of lead poisoned children helping other mothers of lead poisoned children!)

In addition to a strong social media presence (more than 10,700 people follow our documentary film’s page on Facebook —Mislead: America’s Secret Epidemic; we have nearly 2,000 members of our public Facebook group; more than 40,000 subscribers receive our periodic e-mail updates and newsletters), we are very active in our in-person outreach activities across the country:

  • We hold public forums, answering parents’ questions in real-time
  • We visit communities throughout the country offering free, instant-results blood lead testing to people [regardless of age or gender – when most programs only offer blood lead testing to “children under six and pregnant women”], using a unique blood lead testing system provided to us by Magellan Diagnostics [one of our corporate sponsors]
  • We distribute free lead-paint test kits [donated by 3M]
  • We offer free (independent and scientifically rigorous/accurate) lead-in-water testing [including resources donated by our sponsor and other sponsors]
  • We also offer free XRF testing of soil and consumer goods (testing dishware and toys and other items for lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic – for example.)

The most important, unique and effective outreach work we have done [an approach no other public agency or nonprofit is currently employing] has included all of the above elements – centered around community forums and preview screenings of our documentary film. Participants get a “crash course” in lead poisoning and what it is like to be the parent of a lead poisoned child, and then have the opportunity to ask questions of other parents of lead poisoned children and local experts on the subject. “All of the above” is what we are now working to bring to Flint, as funds permit.

Thank you for supporting the work of the Lead Safe America Foundation with a tax-deductible contribution designated to help us help families in Flint.

An idea of the impact of (your?!) tax-deductible contributions:

  • $25 helps us distribute free lead-paint test kits & information to five families in Flint.
  • $45 helps us bring free independent water testing to one family in Flint.
  • $75 helps to cover the cost of free breast milk testing we are working to provide to nursing mothers in Flint (or helps us bring FREE blood lead testing to 10 people in Flint!)
  • $5,000 covers the cost of a full day of outreach events with presentations in collaboration with local churches – designed to bring information, support and resources to hundreds (if not thousands) of Flint families.

Thank you for donating!  To see how much we have raised to help families in Flint so far, please click HERE. As of 2/17/2015 we have already made two Lead Safe America outreach trips to Flint t#StandWithFlint2his year thanks wholly to the generous support of our sponsors and friends.

P.S. If you are active on Twitter please join us with friends (including Ed Begley, Jr, Jon Fishman (of Phish), Frances Fisher & others) by tweeting out a #StandWithFlint tweet or two and joining us in one our #StandWithFlint Twitter events if you have time!

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