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3M/LeadCheck Lead Paint Test Kits… in Thanks!

Donate-to-Support-Lead-Safe-AmericaYou may have found us through Facebook or just through “Googling” – and here’s what we are offering right now for friends who support our work with a donation [friends who specifically would like some test kits sent to them!]

These offers are subject to availability and are subject to change at any time.
This was posted/last updated January 10, 2014.

For individuals and neighborhood groups or small businesses (contractors, doctors, maternity clinics, etc.)

  • With a donation of $20 or more we will send you two 3M/LeadCheck test kits (two-packs) with your donation thank you letter!
  • With a donation of $45 or more we will send you 12 test kits to use and give away in your community!
  • With a donation of $150 or more you will become a Neighborhood Partner and we will send you a box of 54 test kits to give a away in your community!

For public agencies / health departments/ cities/ states, etc.

  • For a donation of $2,500 you will become a Community Partner and we will send you 500 test kits
  • For a donation of $5,000 you will be a Community Partner and receive 1,000 test kits!

These two-swab test kits wholesale at $6.16 each  – so any way you slice it is a very good “deal” and you will be helping a good cause / supporting our work helping families!

To donate and receive test kits in the mail (kits are typically mailed out within 5 business days unless expedited shipping is paid for and express shipping is requested.)Donate-to-Support-Lead-Safe-America

Here’s a link to a little video we made the other day about using test kits/ getting the most out of your test kits: LINK


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