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62: Thank You To Everyone Who Supported Us in 2012!

Since we’re getting around to thanking folks, we wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who supported us in each of the years since we were founded, so here’s a shout out to all of our supporters from 2012!

62 friends and counting!
(Still have to add all of our Kickstarter donors in too!)

*Still working on making sure this is perfect – will have it finished by the end of 2014!

Alexis Morin, Alice Shabecoff, Amy Gooder, Anahita Cole, Angela Larsen, Angela Zehava, Anita Pollak, Apex Lead Solutions, Barbara Waldman, Benjamin Kaplan, Brooke Campbell, Catherine Brooks, Claudia C. Batz, Cynthia Slingsby, Dale Nystrom, Darren Diess, Deirdre Anderson, EcoMom Alliance, Elizabeth Moreno, Erganic Design, Erica Cooley, Erin Ely, Gian Cossa, Helene Marshall, James Peralta, James R Moon with Your Home Painting LLC, Jeffery Mine, John Gilman, Joseph Howton, Joseph Ponessa, Joyce A Ravinskas, Julia Mary Francis, Kara Bryant, Karen Lishinski, Kathryn Brewer, Kelly O’Grady, Krista McKeague, Kyle Naumowicz, Lee Wasserman, Lisa Theophilos, Lynn Colwell, Marianna Butler, Mary Rubin, Maureen Pandos, Nancy Baker, Nancy Davies, Natural Joy LLC, Patrick Spring, Patrick Strodel, Paul English, Pierre Erville, R Christian Buchheit, Relani Prudhomme, Riyaz Kanji, Rob Chrisler, Ron Grunwald, Sandia Castro, Sheryl Senkiw, Sonja Corterier, Tracey Allen, Victoria Beckner & William Menrath

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