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127: Thank You to Everyone Who Supported Us in 2013!

Since we’re getting around to thanking folks, we wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who supported us in each of the years since we were founded, so here’s a shout out to all of our supporters from 2013!

127 friends and counting!
(More than TWICE as many friends as in 2012!)

*Still working on making sure this is perfect – will have it finished by the end of 2014!

Allison Roach, Amy Gooder, Amy Harrelson, Amy Ziff, Andrea Schwartz-Feit, Ann McGlynn, Anna Yusim, Anne McGarry, Ashley Arias Photography, ATS Automotive, Barbara Waldman, Bethany Burton, Breeann Nestorovski, Brittany Truehitt, Candice Patterson, Carma Shurley, Carolyn Ruby-Weilage, Carolyn Suh, Casey Wilson, Christen Prudence, Christopher Johnson, City of Manchester – New Hampshire, City of Racine – Wisconsin, City and County of San Francisco, Colescott Rubin, Connie McKenney, Cynthia Seley, Cynthia Slingsby, Dale Nystrom, Daniel Park , David Godwin, Dawnelle Gordon, Delilah Nossa, East Concord Cooperative Preschool, Ellen Jansson , Erin Ely, Erin Mitchell, Filippo Marotta, Geneva Chao, George Wu , Hannah Braune , Heather Salus , Heather Snaman , Helene Marshall, Hope Mob, Howard Mielke, J Stevens, James Peralta, James Stubblefield, Jan Heirtzler, Jeanne Fratello, Jelena Krilova, Jennifer Galluzzo, Jessica Mendels, Jessica Schenk , Jessica Shafer, Jessica Swiser, Jim Bergantzel, Joan Keeler Pellman, John Gilman, Kara Bryant, Kate Blodgett, Kathryn Besse, Kathryn Brewer, Kelly Fisher, Kevin Mei, Kirkwood Consulting, LLC, Kyle Naumowicz, Laura Eckert, Lee Wasserman, Leonad Rubin, Libby Rivera, Lindsay Malek, Linus Chan, Lisa Ciszewski, Lisa OLeary, Lynn Colwell, Lynn Fang, Makayla Oberlin, Malina Chin, Marcia Fernholz, Margaret Morgan, Marianna Butler, Master Manifester, Inc., Matthew Freshman, Megan Day Suhr, Megan Friedman, Melanie Wright, Melissa Mills-Koffel, Michael Lake, Michelle Spreckels ,Nancy Mansbach, Natalie Santiago, Nghia Truong, Nicholas Roy, Pam Shea, ParkerLane LLC, Patricia Barnes, Paul Kizior, Pilar de Olave, Quentin Cotillard, Rachel Winokur, Rebecca Andersson, Reliable Tech Solutions, Robin Adler, Rosanna Caponi, Sarah Haney, Sean Elias-Reyes, Shanna Taylor, Shannon Budin, Shelby Rebecca, Sherrie Heit, Sheryl Senkiw, Space Mermaid, State of New Hampshire Department of Public Health, Susan Snell, Sylvia Shannon, Tadpoles and Butterflies, Tamara Young, Tammy Christensen, Tiffany Cardenas, Tim McDowell, Tracey Allen, Tricia Lease, Vanessa Cuccurullo, Vapor Genie, & William Koenig

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