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This Weeks HighLights on Facebook

These are all links to popular Facebook posts from our film’s Facebook page recently, written by Tamara Rubin, Executive Director & Founder of Lead Safe America.

On each of these I encourage you to read the comments as well as the original post!  Thank you.  (if the link is not active it will be shortly, in the meantime you can see the original posts HERE.)

  1.  Our pediatrician refused to write a note to the school district recommending our son go to school in a facility without lead hazards.  LINK
  2.  Some recent hate mail / an online conversation I had with a contractor.  LINK
  3.  Avi’s psoriasis. LINK
  4.  Lead hazards in Hawaii. LINK
  5.  Let’s talk about essential oils. LINK

One of the posts (with images) below….

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 4.04.09 PM

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