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Board Member: Treasurer

lead-safe_stars1June 6, 2014
Lead Safe America Foundation
Board of Directors Position Open
Open Until Filled



  • Position Title: Board Member/ Treasurer
  • Compensation:  Unpaid/Volunteer Position
  • Time Commitment: 4 quarterly meetings per year (phone conference calls) 1.5 hours each, plus Treasurer duties of monthly financials review with Lead Safe America Foundation Executive Director, approximately one additional hour per month.
  • Financial Commitment: Monthly Recurring Tax-Deductible Donation of at least $5
  • Term – 2 years, with option to renew

Position Description:

The Lead Safe America Foundation is a 501(c)3 advocacy organization for childhood lead poisoning prevention founded in 2011.  Cash donation income in 2013 (our third year of operations) was approximately $73,000.  In-kind donations of goods and services were valued at approximately $570,000 for 2013.

The Lead Safe America Foundation has a volunteer position open for a new member on the Lead Safe America Foundation Board of Directors. This person will volunteer as part of the nine-member Board of Directors and take over the position of Treasurer, participating in monthly and quarterly meetings with Board and Staff of the Lead Safe America Foundation. The person may also be asked to volunteer for additional special projects.

A person with business knowledge and financial skills and experience is preferred, accounting expertise a plus.

Considerations: potential business conflict of interest considerations must be fully disclosed by anyone working with products or services in the remodeling, lead-paint remediation and RRP training fields.

It is LSAFs commitment to have a Board of Directors consisting of 9 people with at least 4 (and preferably 5) active members in the Pacific Northwest (to be available for in-person meetings and volunteering opportunities supporting the Foundation outside of their role as Board Member.)

This new Board Member will replace Leonard Rubin as Treasurer.  Leonard has been serving as Interim Treasurer since Helene Marshall stepped down.

Current Board Members:

  1. Beth Butler: professional social justice advocate (A Community Voice) – New Orleans, Louisiana (Current Board President)
  2. Leonard Rubin: Parent of lead-poisoned children, bike designer and builder – Portland, Oregon (Interim Treasurer)
  3. Kathy Lauckner: EPA RRP trainer – Las Vegas, Nevada (Current Secretary)
  4. Nancy Davies: parent advocate – Portland, Oregon
  5. Jonathan Klane: EPA RRP trainer – Maine/Arizona
  6. Christina Perry: parent advocate/ environmental professional – Fairfield, Maine
  7. Barbara Smoody: parent advocate/ research scientist Oregon Health & Sciences University – Vancouver, Washington
  8. Jennifer Taggart: environmental attorney and green parenting blogger – Los Angeles, California
  9. Judy Ulz: Grandparent Advocate/ Wells Fargo Home Mortgages – Kokomo, Indiana

Current Board Breakdown

  • Pacific Northwest (Oregon/Washington) Members (4): Leonard Rubin, Nancy Davies, Barbara Smoody and Judy Ulz (recently moved)
  • Other States Represented (5): Arizona, Louisiana, Nevada, Maine, California, Indiana
  • Parent/Grandparent-Advocate Members (5): Leonard Rubin, Nancy Davies, Judy Ulz, Christina Perry, Barbara Smoody, Jennifer Taggart
  • Lead Poisoning Prevention & Environmental Professionals (5): Kathy Lauckner, Jonathan Klane, Christina Perry, Jennifer Taggart, Beth Butler
  • Legal Experts (1): Jennifer Taggart
  • Financial Professionals (1): Judy Ulz
  • Scientists (1): Barbara Smoody
  • Women (7): Beth Butler, Kathy Lauckner, Nancy Davies, Christina Perry, Barbara Smoody, Jennifer Taggert, Judy Ulz
  • Men (2): Leonard Rubin, Jonathan Klane


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