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Thank You St. Louis!


A photo I took in St. Louis last month!

We wanted to take a moment to publicly thank everyone in St. Louis who helped bring together our events there in March.

  • Thank you to Jeanine Arrighi for coordinating the events!
  • Thank you to Lisa Ciszewski-Kahrimanovic for inspiring the events!
  • Thank you to MX Movies for hosting an event!
  • Thank you to the Saint Louis University School of Law for hosting an event!


Thank you to each of the sponsors of the event for donating $ to help make it all come together:

  • BJC Healthcare
  • St. Louis Mental Health Board,
  • Unity Evangelical Lutheran Church
  • Deaconess Foundation
  • The City of St. Louis Department of Health

And thank you to the Metropolitan St. Louis Equal Housing and Opportunity Council for being a partner in the event and serving as the local St. Louis fiscal agent for the event!

Thank you to the people behind each of these organizations as well:  Nancy Jordan, Alexia Anderson, Chaplain Willie Jordan, Matt Oldani, Brandon Haynes, Starsky Wilson, Barbara Klingsick, Karen Scherer, Jama Dodson, Sue Hachman, Karley King, John Ammann, Michael Wolff, Christopher Bruemmer and Amos Harris.

And finally thanks to the more than 100 people who volunteered at and attended the events and engaged in the conversation with us – working together to make our communities and our world safer for our children.


Tamara Rubin
Executive Director
Lead Safe America Foundation

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