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Update on Uconda and Her Family

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 6.12.20 AMUpdate on Uconda and her family to be posted mid-day on Tuesday, July 1, 2014.  Thank you.  In the meantime please share these links:

Uconda’s family is facing eviction due to a reduction in her housing assistance allocation and an increase in the rent by her landlord.  The available funds would only allow her to return to a home with lead-hazards (given the price of rental housing in her area), and this is not acceptable as all of her children were previously poisoned in rental homes with hazards and they must have a lead-free (or at least lead-safe) home.  Her current home is lead-safe and she is looking for a new lead-safe home for her family, ideally before July 15th – the amount of time the landlord has offered to give her before she needs to leave her current home.  More information and background on her story at the links above.  Our goal is to raise $3,000 to help her get into a new home by July 15th.  This will include a security deposit on a new place as well as the funds to allow her to stay in her current home until July 15th.

Donations to Date in Support of Uconda & Her Family
Total Raised: $420 (7/19/2014)

Thank you to:
Anonymous, Denver – Colorado
Esther Wright, Portland – Oregon
Reghan Walsh, Madison – Wisconsin
Tiffany Lauria, Pleasant Valley – New York
Kate Blodgett, Louisville – Kentucky
Elaine Kelly – Newbury Park – California

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