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Vintage Fiestaware

  • Original Post/ tested: 10/29/2014
  • Vintage Fiestaware: 73,500 ppm lead.
  • Tested with an XRF

There is no regulation covering total lead content (bio-available or otherwise) in vintage or antique pieces. Many antiques or vintage piece contain high levels of lead. The older a piece is the more likely it is to be deteriorating from use, wear and frequent cleaning. A child’s toy is currently considered unsafe with anything more than 90 ppm lead in coatings. This “vintage” Fiestaware piece (year unknown) tested positive for lead with an XRF (a scientific instrument used for testing for metals) at 73,500 ppm lead. In most cases you cannot test disware with a swab-kit. However if dishware DOES test positive with a swab kit it is definitely leaching lead into your food at unsafe levels.

fiesta2 fiesta1

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