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Water Filtration; Guest Post by Len Rubin

We get questions about water filters quite a lot, but now more than ever—since the water crisis in Flint is in the news. While, as a nonprofit, we don’t recommend products in general, Tamara and I do, when asked, often share about the products we have chosen for our own home (FWIW.)

For those new to our page, we live in Portland, Oregon. Here we have to deal with lead, occasional biologicals and municipally added Chloramine in our local water system. There is lead in everything from the city-owned pipes and meters with brass fittings to old lead pipes in many houses and older, lead-soldered copper in others, and of course leaded brass in most faucets and fittings (even in newer homes.)

Fortunately, we do not have to also deal with fluoride as an additive here in Portland [as fluoride in combination with chloramine can leach lead into the water from these sources at an increased rate—resulting in increases of bio-available lead in the water by as much as 800%.] [We especially have concerns about lead in the water in our public school systems here, as those lead hazards have long been identified and quantified—yet the school district has not taken consistent action to make sure the water in the schools’ drinking fountains is safe for children. (Separate post on that to be linked here shortly.)]

Currently, we use filtered water in our kitchen only as (given our b. 1905 home) the cost of whole-house filtration was cost prohibitive for us. We cook with the filtered water, only drink filtered water and make sure each child is sent to school each day with a full water bottle (we use stainless or glass with silicone cozy) of fresh filtered water.

As our personal awareness of this issue has grown along with our knowledge base – and as our finances have permitted – we have evolved through a few different generations of water filtration products/systems.

tripleuc1This is a picture of the water filtration system we currently use (with the included faucet and filter wrench):

It is from The Water Exchange  [an outfit recommended by an old friend who is a walking encyclopedia of all things pertaining to health and nutrition!]

The guy who answers phone inquiries at The Water Exchange is extremely knowledgeable and will happily help you choose the most appropriate system and individual filter cartridges for your particular water issues and budget. Every water source and delivery system is a bit different and calls for a system that is tailored to individual specific needs.

[Example: In our case for instance, as I said, while fluoride is not present, lead, occasional biologicals (we had a city-wide e-coli scare here in Portland a couple of years back) and chloramine are.]

For our home we selected a 3-filter system [which as it turns out, cost less than half of what our previous very expensive (highly polished stainless steel housing, very expensive, proprietary cartridges, etc.) single-cartridge system did!] At $399 (and they run promotions that can reduce that price to as low as $249) this seemed like a great system for the money – and it takes widely-available, more affordable industry-standard size filters. We also paid an extra $29 to upgrade the faucet to a “premium” model at the time of purchase.

These are the cartridges we chose for our house (yours will vary, according to your particular water issues):

  1. KDF/GAC []
  2. Chloramines CH []
  3. CER-I-A []

All “Water Exchange” cartridges are high-flow, and they are rated at “3-5 years”; we change ours every 3 years.

We keep a spare set on hand and reorder when we replace them; replacement cartridges run us about $175 for a “set” of all three.

While I don’t know the owners of this business personally, it seems like the owner is the one who answers phone questions and he has answered (or gotten back to me promptly) whenever I called with a question, even when I had called on the weekend or late in the day—when I was “sure” I wouldn’t hear back until the next “business day” From my personal experience, I’d rate their customer service as truly exceptional!

Please comment below if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Leonard (& Tamara) Rubin

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  1. Amie January 2, 2016 at 12:36 am #

    I think that our 1961 home has lead pipes. We bought a filter for our kitchen and use that for drinking/cooking/teeth brushing. Should I also look for a filter for bathing/showering? (I have a toddler and a seven year old). Any options/resources? Thanks.

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