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We broke another outreach record!

Updated at 4:34 pm – 12/31/2015

32,379 unique views this month and there’s still more than 7 hours left in the month!

I’m happy to share that on this New Year’s Eve 2015 (heading in to 2016), the Lead Safe America Foundation has broken yet another record… with more unique views this month (for the fourth straight month in a row) here on our website than any other month before (in the two years since we launched our new site!)  Thank you all for sharing about our work, helping to protect families in your communities.


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  1. Stan Starr December 31, 2015 at 7:01 pm #

    I am in the process of turning a 3.5 acre hay field in Hood River, Oregon, into a organic Blueberry farm. Unfortunately one of my neighbors has informed my about the strong likelihood that my land, and most of the lower valley, has a “Legacy”. Between 1900-1960 most apple orchards were heavily sprayed with Lead/ Arsenate insecticides. Once in the soil these heavy metals remain for ever. The greatest risk comes from direct contact, dust, dirt, in the tissue of green leafy vegetibles and root crops. Do you do soil tests by Donation? Wow.

    Proper farming practices like excesive mulching can minimize the risks but I could really benefit from some help!

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