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What we have chosen to do to help Flint:

Originally published January 19, 2016

It was initially difficult to envision how we (a very small nonprofit in Portland, Oregon) could help the parents of Flint in this time of crisis.

After a lot of thought, and time speaking with families in Flint… we realized it would be best to stick with what we already know how to do/have a lot of experience doing (and what we seem to do well)… outreach events & talking to parents  – offering support, information and guidance from an independent, non-political and completely un-agenda’ed, uncensored perspective.

To this end, we have decided to bring multiple outreach / information events to the Parents of Flint, Michigan – depending on what resources become available. The more donations we get towards this the more we will be able to do to help families there.

Elements include:

  1. Bringing FREE blood lead testing to families. (thanks to
  2. Bringing FREE water test kits to families (thanks to
  3. Bringing FREE XRF / consumer goods testing to families
  4. Bringing FREE lead-paint test kits to families (because yes, if they have lead in their water they likely have it in their paint too!) (thanks to our friends at 3M / LeadCheck)
  5. Bringing FREE lead-safe and lead-free toys to children in Flint (thanks to our friends at Green Toys)
  6. and  – perhaps most important… holding community forums for the parents of Flint – forums where we share the early preview cut of our documentary film and use that as a spring-board for post-screening discussions where we will focus on guiding families in finding resources to help them help their children succeed in spite of the fact they have been poisoned. (Thanks to all of you!)

If you would like to donate in support of this program – you can make a designated donation to support our outreach in Flint HERE – and to see how much we have raised to date, click HERE.

Thank you for reading and spreading the word.

Tamara Rubin
Mother of Lead Poisoned Children
Founder & Executive Director
Lead Safe America Foundation

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