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Lead found in products from Young Living Essential Oils

We learned about this issue a few days ago and yesterday contacted the organization that is involved in the California  lawsuit, asking for more information about the case. Below is the response we received. We will post more information on this shortly.


Hi Tamara.

Unfortunately ERC is limited as to the amount of information it can give out at this time do to the ongoing lawsuit. I can tell you that, in order to notice a product, ERC must have test results and other supporting information that it confidentially submits to the attorney general to support ERC’s allegations that the product contains more than 0.5 micrograms of lead in a daily dosage without warning the California Consumer. Attached is a copy of the notice that indicates which products ERC noticed for their lead content.

Anne M. Barker, Esq.
In-House Counsel | Environmental Research Center

Here is the ATTACHMENT included with this email.



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